Scoliosis Surgery Day

Surgery Day Part 1

I was awoken from my bed at 4:00 am on Saturday, July 12th, 1997, for my scoliosis surgery. The drive to the hospital was nearly 2.5 hours with surgery check-in at 7 am. My mother and father drove me to the surgery center while I resumed sleeping in the camper shell of our truck. When … Continue reading Surgery Day Part 1

Scoliosis surgery

I donated blood… to myself.

The only major preparation I remember doing for my impending scoliosis surgery was to have my own blood available for transfusion. Blood loss during scoliosis surgery can be quite extensive and often requires the need of transfusions to replenish what is lost during the procedure.  To make the whole process easier, my surgeon suggested that … Continue reading I donated blood… to myself.

Not quite a solo Journey, but more of an Expedition

I’m not sure who Walter Mitty is (Edit: Oh! He’s a fictional character in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber), but I thought the above quote fit nicely into setting the overall character here, for the experiences to come. This has not been a solo voyage by any means, oh no, quite … Continue reading Not quite a solo Journey, but more of an Expedition